FAQ About Patreon

If you already know how Patreon works please visit https://www.patreon.com/GautamSachdeva to become a patron. Otherwise please read the below FAQ.


1. Patreon.com is a third party service which creators use to create content and share with the world.


2. We are using Patreon.com to share Gautam’s audio podcasts and retreat videos.


3. You can either become a “follower” or a “patron”. Patron is one who pledges a monthly contribution. The minimum contribution set by Patreon.com is $1. Follower is one who only follows the creator but does not pledge a monthly contribution.


4. Patrons can access ALL our content, i.e. both Public and Patron-only content. Followers can access Public-only content. Both get notifications via email or Patreon app if installed on your smart device. Of all podcasts released on Patreon, 33% are Public.


5. We as creators use the Patreon.com service to upload our content and share with you all. Patreon.com  takes a percentage of the contributions and pays the rest out to the creator on a monthly basis.  All contributions are spent to fund costs incurred in filming, gear and equipment, editing, organising talks, website updates and maintenance, etc., for all of which external resources and expertise is often needed.


6. Payment methods accepted by  Patreon.com  are PayPal, Approved Credit/Debit Card, Apple Pay. Direct Bank account linking is not an option.


7. If you do not have any of the above options,  you may become a follower and access public content.


8. We cannot adjust your direct bank transfers against Patreon.com subscription, as they don’t have that facility. So please don’t send a bank transfer and then request a subscription to Patreon.com


9. Going forward, when we publish information about a recently released podcast on Patreon.com we shall mention which category it belongs to: “Patron-only”or “Public”.


Please browse through the list of podcasts at https://www.patreon.com/GautamSachdeva. Patron-only podcasts show a lock on them, public podcasts are open for listening.